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Anywhere Dashboard
  • Are you in a meeting?
  • Are you travelling?
  • Are you in a vacation?
Use your mobile or tablet device to be connected to your OPERA system. Wherever you are, get up-to-date data of:
  • Occupancy
  • Arrival
  • Departure
  • Cancelled
  • VIP
  • Nationality share
  • Revenue of
    • today
    • this day last year
    • this month
    • this month last Year
    • Next two months
  • Travel Agent statistics….
ARI - A/R Invoice for OPERA 
​​Forget about Excel sheets and numbers posting mistakes. Forget about missing transactions and difficult tracking of what is paid and what is still in aging report. Forget about huge efforts of credit departmrnt employees to issue an evaluated aging report; without speaking of non-accurcy of values due to miss posting of currencies exchange rates in the right dates.
ARI Features:
  • Get info from OPERA system
  • Issue Invoices from A/R accounts module
  • Issue Invoices from reservation module
  • Auto/Manual add Value Added Tax as per settings
  • Invoice history
  • Invoice search
  • Pay invoices - partial payment is available
  • Deposit  accounts
  • Aging reports:
    • To current by foreign currencies
    • To current by local currency
    • Last month by foreign currencies
    • Last month by local currency
    • Exchange rate history
  • Reprint invoice
  • Edit invoice for authorized users with new generated number
  • No invoice deleting
GSC - Guest Services Centre 
​​All services introduced to guest in a hotel are monitored by at least one member of the management team; except one, which is serving the guest while being in room. If the guest has a request or faces a problem, he/she calls the concerned department order taker who is one of junior staff. The employee who responds to guest request is also a junior staff. If the guest is not satisfied, none will know unless guest complains,
GSC Features:
  • Ensures better guest service
  • Monitors service departments performance
  • Controls service departments response time
  • Highlights weak points of infrastructure
  • Highlights defects of spare parts
  • Highlights professionalism level of workers
  •  Graphical & Statistical reports
  • Automatic report generation
  • Automatic reports distribution e-mails
  • Minimum data entry