A world of systems for better guest services
Guest self used Products
RTM - Restaurant Tablet Menu 
​Forget about printed menus and the problems you face when you need to change items according to seasons change,  raw materials shortage or some items' outage of stock.
RTM is handy system for your guest:
  •  Multi language system (6 languages)
  • Stylish your restaurant
  • Easy to use.
  • Displays item features: photo, ingridients and price.
  • Change prices at no cost
  • Disable-enable items
  • No more out of stock
  • Change recipe at no cost
  • Add-replace items at your ease
HED - Hotel Electronic Directory
​​Market your hotel facilities on guests’ smart phones before they arrive & after they depart
  • Increase in-house revenue
  • Higher guest  satisfaction
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Sliding Menu – sliding banner
  • Access to Hotel booking engine
  • Access to hotel Facebook – twitter - Google+
  • Access to hotel page in guest reviews websites
In Pro version, guest gets the following services while being in-house:
  • Report any problems in room
  • Request any extras (bed - pillow - iron table - .........)
  • Reserve limosine
  • Purchase items from Logo shop
  • Use Room service 
RSR - Restaurant Self Reservation 
​​RSR on touch screen is used by guest to reserve his/her meal in a la carte restaurant by himself/herself. RSR is very handy for "all inclusive" boarding type when hotel offers one or more free meals in one or more of its a la carte restaurant. 
Guest Module Features:
Easy to use – Touch Technology
  • Available & Running 24/7
  • No staff needed
  • Eliminates guest queue
  • Day / Time multi choices
  • Add other room to reservation
  • Celebrate guest events
  • Up selling - Promotions
  • Info / Sponsor ticker bar
  • Multi Languages (6 languages among 34 available choices
  • Audio Message in all languages for required guest action
  • Same restaurant splitting
  • Paid meals corner inside free meal restaurant
  • Travel Agents Exceptions (No. of free meals - No. of restaurants)
  • Exceptions on Exceptions
  • Dine Around for Multi Hotels
OCC - Online Comments Card 
​​Avoid fake results got from paper comments card filled by staff. Avoid guest embarrassment caused by staff to write good comments about them.
Avoid extra cost if survey questions have to be changed or modified (new outlet - new guest activity - ....).
OCC Features:
  • Upon guest check out, system sends thanks message to guest e-mail
  • Guest fills survey while still having stay experince and away from staff pressure.
  • Get real guest evaluation & comments about hotel.
  • On spot info is sent to GM if a guest had evaluated hotel as "bad"
  • Drive “angry” guest away of Holiday check & Trip Advisor sites by sending apology letter to guest e-mail automatically.
  • Encourage “happy” guest to post on Holiday check & Trip Advisor sites by sending Thanking letter containing hotel pages links on these sites.
  • Fully automated system, no user action is needed.
  • PMS interfaced (Fidelio – Opera – PROTEL – Comsys)
  • Auto generating (Survey request – Apology –bad score – Thanking) E-mails
  • Auto Department scoring & reporting
  • Enhance Trip Advisor/ Holiday Check Scores
  • Multi Languages (up to 8 languages)
  • Multi-Hotels Reporting system.